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GPS To Nowhere CD Cover
I'll Just Have A Beer Koozie

GPS To Nowhere CD - Debut CD, featuring 12 tracks including: GPS To Nowhere, I’ll Just Have A Beer, What Kind Of Life Is This, Carry Me Home, Tailgate To The Beach, Fried Okra, Into The Night, Rodeo Radio, Sing Along, Down There On The Floor and Treading Water.



I’ll Just Have A Beer Koozie - Sand Dollar Rodeo logo one one side, “Well thank you Ma’am, I’ll Just Have A Beer” line on the other.



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From the vault: The Holliday Holiday Pack. Includes a copy of Roy’s 2010 7” Red Vinyl 3 song EP, “Whenever Christmas Comes Around,” a CD Single of his 2008 release “Christmastime On The Beach” and an RHS koozie.