Tailgate To The Beach – Lyrics

This old life can get to me, and be so damned lonely

I been drinking on my own, feeling empty and alone

As I try to wash away the pain away.

Maybe it’s time to pass that next drink by… and think of you

Clear the blur that’s in my eyes, cleanse the numbness in my mind

And face the ocean water again.

I think I’ll pack and head down South

Let the clouds guide me around where I should be.

I’ll put my tailgate to the beach

Let the warm breeze go through me and wander free.

Look out to the blue and see the sky… look real high

I remember sitting here with you… I remember saying goodbye.

Now, I’ve got my tailgate to the beach

Not a person I can see, it’s just me.

I’ve got my tailgate to the beach

And a soul that I can’t reach is calling me (hey hey, yeah).

Every now and then you make a friend and life goes on and gets itself so… crazy

See the ashes from the fire, see the Phoenix never rise, I miss you baby.

Look up to the sky and close my eyes… I know you’re near me

I can see that smile upon your face and the warm sun feels like your embrace

I know you’re here.

I packed it up and went down South

No need or room for doubt of where you’d be.

Now, I’ve got my tailgate to the beach

And the soul I couldn’t reach is here with me.

Yeah, I’ve got my tailgate to the beach

Shoulda known you’d always been within me… 

Copyright 2013 Sand Dollar Rodeo / Strange Highways (BMI) – Lyrics: Roy Holliday

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